Sunday, May 20, 2007

I would really like some DS Download co-op games. Honestly, I'm tired getting my ass kicked all the time in video games. Colin and Andrew are better than me at video games, it's a fact. I'd like to play video games without the bitter feelings, without the desire to armbar my loved ones. I'd also like to more often use my new DS.

and no, Children of Mana doesn't cut it... mostly because Colin doesn't like it. Besides, there has to be more than one good co-op game for the DS...

Lego Star Wars? Reviews say the co-op is super buggy and crappy
New Super Mario Bros? Total tease; there is no actual co-op play
Samurai Warrior? That would be great if we didn't already have Dynasty Warriors for PS2... it just wouldn't be the same

Hopefully Cookie and Cream will answer calls for co-op on DS.