Monday, December 31, 2001

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Yakra (to Frog): It's time you jumped off this mortal coil!

Hehe, Hamlet reference in Chrono Trigger ^_^

Friday, December 28, 2001

I like the anime pic background on the website. =) It's neato!!

Dang right, GIMME YOUR FOOD! =P

Thursday, December 27, 2001

I took

At this particular time you are perhaps setting yourself a too high a target and so you are living in the land of "make believe". It would also seem that you have been bitterly disappointed in the past - and you are at a stage where you feel that you can trust nobody You would like to forget it all and turn your back on the past and start anew ...

You are working extremely hard trying to improve your image. You need for those people in positions that matter to recognise your potential and to acknowledge you.

You are very demanding ... and insisting on total involvement ..but you do not reciprocate with the same depth of feeling. However, it could well be that maybe an unprecedented surprise is awaiting you in the near future ... for just as one, whilst paddling in the sea, could flounder into a whirlpool, so you may be drawn into a loving situation that has high emotional demands and you could well respond with a depth emotion that you never even dreamed that you possessed...

Having experienced considerable disappointment of late and not knowing quite what to do about it this has led you to suffer a great deal of agitation and anxiety.You are trying very hard to make favourable impressions all round. You feel that you have a right to do anything that you wish without being condemned for your beliefs. Everything seems to be going against you and you feel helpless to change the situation. The possibility of failure is most upsetting and this situation is leading to untold stress ... You honestly believe that the situation is not of your making - it is not your fault. You have been misled and abused by those that you trusted. But you are trying to look at the situation quite dispassionately. Would you perhaps not agree that this situation could be regarded as unrealistic self justification?.

You are worn out and lack both physical and mental energy. This lack of vitality has created an intolerance for any further excitement and you feel that you just carry on .. but you have been like that many times before and the situation passed.. You again need to get away from it all.... even if it is only for a little while. A relaxed body cannot contain a destructive emotion ... and the secret for you is to just relax ...

It's pretty accurate, I think.

Monday, December 24, 2001

Color the Children

When I was just a little child, there was a Christmas day
That I remember, December, it seems one yesterday away
Now the little child is gone, i've grown, i've changed,
And yet memories still linger on for children don't forget
So, color the children with mistletoe white
Little brown reindeer that fly through the night
Color them Christmas with love and concern
For once they gone, they'll never return
Color them cookies that grandmother made
Santa ho-hoing in Macy's parade
Color them Christmas with love and concern
For once they gone they'll never return

music by-??? lyrics by-???

the elipses are parts of the lyrics I'm missing =( Story of my life. Merry Christmas (Eve) ya'll.

Saturday, December 22, 2001

I watched The Fellowship of the I want to read all the books, even if it is just to find out what happens. Psshh, all Sarah could talk about was how hot Legolas was =P Silly girl. I have to admit, Bloom plays a very convincing elf. I like the movie, even though the ending is craptacular.
heck yea! I always said Scheherezade was underrated!!

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Considered the leader of the 19th Century Composer group "The Mighty Handful," I am indeed the teacher among them. My orchestration skills are superbly colorful, and are explained in my book on the topic, but works like "Scheherezade" explain my mastery better.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

hahahahahaha, I had the funniest dream =P Courtney K was telling me about her date to formal: a guy from UCLA who's oh-so-cute ahh! We're waiting by the school planters so he can pick her up for a pre-formal date, and guess who's her date.... scott, the aqt coach! HAHAHAHA, it was sooo hilarious. Brendan was in scott's car for some reason, and he was trying really hard not to laugh. While Brendan and I were standing by Scott and Courtney, Scott was acting like a total doofus, pissing off Courtney. But after we left and hid behind some other planters, Scott turned on the charm and charmed the heck out of Courtney =P She was makin googly eyes, aww. Meanwhile, the AQT team was hiding behind various planters and laughing and laughing and hehe ^_^

Friday, December 21, 2001

Today was dull. All I did was sit though classes munching away on food I really didn't want to eat; I was so bored I turned to eating. Bleh. Oh well. Hopefully the piano workshop will lighten my spirits; the winter holiday one usually does. =) Ach, it hurts to smile. =(

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Heeeeey, Katherine is accepted to Harvard too! How awesome! =) Philip filled me in yesterday. Ack, he also said she'd rather go to Curtis, a piano conservatory. She switched from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to be a pianist.

Monday, December 17, 2001

Bleh. I felt so frustrated with myself that I was about to allow myself a good cry while walking to my piano teacher's house. Unfortunately, I only teared up a 'lil bit. Geez, I extract more tears when I stub my toe. I used to be really maudlin about everything; I'd cry about something at least once a week.'s really hard for me to force myself to cry. I can't do it any more. I often vented all my anger through crying, but now I'm bottling everything up inside of me. I'm gonna burst one day, and Apezilla is gonna wreak havok on Tokyo (or Colin's house).

Anyway, I had a fun piano lesson. I sang/heard Christmas carols most of the time. Muy divertido. =)

Every time I read Kevin's blog, I want to cry. It hurts, it wrings my stomach; the worst part is, I don't know/can't do anything to help! Gaaaah, I hate feeling so utterly useless. Argh, best to both, dammit.

Oh yea, Mano got into UPenn, w00t w00t! =P Ahh, talk about a bittersweet day.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

This is a bit late, but CONGRATS. Geez, wow, Michael got into Harvard, hooray! =)

Bleh, I had about $160 to spend, and after holiday shopping I only have $20. Crazy. Stupid stupid mall and stupid stupid me for spending so much money. Now I'm going to have to wear a potato sack to formal. Yaay.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

The people who run Mission Viejo MUN are scary O.O Take a look, or check it out yourself :

J--- H------, 2001-2002 MVHS MUN Secretary General, is an active student at Mission Viejo High School. Class co-valedictorian, he is a National Merit Semi-Finalist and scored a 1600 on the SAT I. He is President of the National Honor Society, a member of the Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon Teams, and plays in the school's Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. He is team captain of boy's tennis as well. He plans to attend Harvard University in the Fall.

F---- Y- (don't worry, he's asian), 2001-2002 MVHS MUN Under-Secretary General, is also a very accomplished individual. He is the Co-Valedictorian of the 2002 Class at Mission Viejo High School, scored a 1600 on the SAT I and is an incredibly talented violin player. He has also been accepted to California's All-State and All-Southern High School Honors Orchestra for the past three years, and is a National-Merit Semi-Finalist. Felix is also a Varsity hurdler. He plans to attend either the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Harvard University in the Fall.

I suddenly don't feel so well about applications >.<

Monday, December 10, 2001

Went holiday shopping this weekend, to be politically correct. Errrr, in May, when i bought my brother a birthday present, he was a little miffed I bought him a gift that I could use and wanted to use as well. So, when choosing between Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve for my brother, I chose Parasite Eve, although Chrono Cross is a better game in all aspects. Chrono Cross is only 3rd - 5th on my brother's awesome-games list, so I figured Parasite Eve was up on top somewhere. Unfortunately, I confused Parasite Eve with Valkyrie Profile or Vagrant Story or something, cuz it turns out he'd rather have Chrono Cross. Blargh, oh well, it's my fault for not listening carefully enough.

My weekend was fantabulistic! The details of the AQT scrimmage are in Linda's blog; she described them pretty completely. I'd insert something really stupid here if it weren't yucky and "unlike me". Aaah, what the heck, I'll say it anyway. Hmmm, but why was a strawberry-scented condom wrapped in green foil? The mysteries of life.

Hmmm, I'll blog about reunion later.

Friday, December 07, 2001

I was laughing out of mirth and crying out of the sorrow at the same time, ha
The day started out so beautifully. Why couldn't it have continued beautifully? =(

The sunrise glided through some lovely colors: lavender, rose, pink-gold, gray-green, white, then full on gold-orange. I didn't turn on any of the lights in order to watch the swift yet very gradual color changes. Errrr, the rest of my day went downhill from there.

I'll just say my family is messed up. Gah, what else can I say, everyone has their family problems. I'm stuck between my fiery father and my just as passionate brother. Igh, I hate playing mediator, although I do getta power trip, mwahahaha. =P

I often forget that everyone has some duality or depth that I do not and will not learn about. There are probably about 15 people who reaaaaally know my brother's whole personality, my mom not included. I'm only able to see the opaque film across over most people's liquid identities. Yes, they're liquid, ever-changing, ever-flowing, nebulous, and hard to grasp. People aren't made out of paper like flat and two-dimensional stock characters, but have their own idiosyncracies, own quirks, own philosophies, whether they be conscious or sub-conscious.

At least, I think they are. Am I right? Or is my company comprised only of truely amazing people?

Anyway, I often forget that.

Thursday, December 06, 2001

This site says everything about Maaya Sakamoto I was unable to say.
I ate dinner at 3:30 AM, while my brother was eating breakfast =/ I still have lots of hw + MUN + piano work to do, so I'll blog later.

Maaya Sakamoto is a really talented singer. Actually, scratch that. She isn't talented; her voice is only slightly above plain. In that respect, she must have worked really freakin hard to become as popular as she is now, which is what I admire about her. Yes, Stephen will probably correct me and say that she really isn't that popular, and that I'm misinformed. Fine, fine. I just really admire her singing. I really dislike singers who have a beautiful voice *but* can't sing without a couple missed pitches or unintentional key changes. Maaya also has an awesome range, one that I could never attain in this life or the next. Hm, strange, there are a lot of French websites about her.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Took the frog test which Vicky linked. =) Result:

You are a Pacific Tree Frog

Pacific Tree Frogs like to eat a variety of bugs, including crickets, flies and spiders, though they aren't fond of larger beetles that can bite their lips. Courting males have a high pitched ribbit that is often heard as the classic Hollywood "woods at night" sound effect. Pacific Tree Frogs tend not to climb as much or high as most tree frogs, usually not going more than two feet up into vegetation.

Monday, November 26, 2001

Hmmmm....four-day weekend and most of us start our homework Monday morning. Heh =P

Gah, what's the point of high school relationships?! They're blocked by everything; parents, school, outside activities, everything adds up to a big 0. Sure, you may be having the time of your life now, but sooner or later he/she will have to leave. Doesn't that sting. Grabbing a few moments here and there just makes the whole thing sore. A few bites won't bed down a starving stomach, only excite more hunger. Ahh...speaking of, I'm really hungry, I haven't eaten dinner yet.

I think that in this whirlwind of attempted self-improvement, I've lost grip of some parts of me that are truely important. Like Vicky, this year's the only year I've actually felt in place within my groups of friends. At first, I attributed it to self-improvment, but I really don't think I've matured much from last year to this year. I actually inwardly scorned another person who is in the same predicament I had last year. I should have been sympathizing, empathizing, comforting. Ugh. I sicken me.

Alright, that's it, I'm changing CDs, no more of this Mess of Melancholy (that's the title of the CD). =)

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Hahaha, I think I scared my brother into thinking that the only reason I like cooking is because I like playing with the knives. =P

The dinner my brother prepared was yummilicious. =) I'm quite proud, except for the fact that he lit the stove on fire. Lucky for him, my dad was so enthralled with a basketball game on television that he didn't turn around and see the stove. Phew. =)

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Hahaha, yes, it IS okay to laugh at me for falling in a ditch =P It is kinda funny; Samin bursts out laughing every time I mention it (She's the only Los Al person who actually saw me fall).

Monday, November 19, 2001

I fell in a ditch.

Yep, at the Tustin conference, I managed to fall in a ditch. Other than that, the blatant favoritism, and the 23 hours wasted, the MUN conference wasn't so bad. Gah, I can't believe I had to run/walk a mile in heels (both Saturday and Sunday morning) to go to a conference I didn't like anyway. Errr, I guess nearly every delegate gripes about something after a conference. I did get to spend more time with some of my friends, which I've been wanting to do for a while. Oh yea, the lunch was fantastic!!!!!

Yaay, I'm glad the Los Al A team did so well. Hey, and the Los Al B team scored higher than one team in the final standings! =) I wonder what Los Al AQT will be like next year...

Friday, November 16, 2001

Pfff, I can't believe Brian blew off AQT for a 7-minute part in the school play. Dang. That's messed up.

Monday, November 12, 2001

I planted my two little shoots in soil this morning. =) They're the kind that are three for a dollar at the mall. Not bamboo, but smaller, thinner, and less tasty versions of bamboo. Orignally, they lived on the windowsill of my room, but they seemed stifled there. I'm a bit worried, though; the soil I replanted my shoots in may too sandy. Unfortunately for me, sand does not absorb water too well. In my room, they were practically submerged in water. Ah well. My plants are hardy little plants, they'll survive. =) The roots are strong, although the tops are a bit withered. Hrm....maybe I shouldn't have replanted during winter....sigh. Errrr, in order to replant my shoots, I had to relocate a young and tiny aloe vera plant. I hope it lives.

Winter's here. I don't know what exactly makes me feel winter; perhaps it's the sharp and bitter sting in the air that I inhale as I walk. It could be the smell of unsettled dust coming from the rattling thermostat, warming up for its annual employment. Gah, it's most likely the lack of sheets on the calendar wall. I, unfortunately, am not weather astute. I'm already looking forward to Christmas, dreading the winter sickness I know I'll recieve, and helping my brother "break out" the old-school video games. There's a cozy and relaxed feeling that;s permeating throughout me, making me feel sleeeeeepyyyy... ah, I like winter.

My brother did something really gay today, which freaked me out (HEY, YOU and YOU and ....YOU shaddup!!! Especially you, Brendan! No rude comments...) Hmm, never mind, no-one wants to hear about this =P

It's raiiiiiining! errrr, was. How lovely. ^_^

Saturday, November 10, 2001

Life continues, how funny. There are always some things I blog about in my head, but by the time I reach the computer I've either forgotten what I was thinking about or don't feel like blogging any more.

I watched the last half of Robin Hood today =P on channel 13. Neat movie =) My dad started laughing when Sean Connery showed up for the last 15 seconds as King Richard =)

Why is it when I practice, my dad turns up the volume on the tv, but when my brother practices, my dad turns the volume down?

Haha, I noticed that whenever there are people kissing on tv, I still avert my eyes out of habit. Talk about asian parents. =P

Friday, November 09, 2001

I am a terrible horrible person who deserves to be shot. Really, I am.

That was hit-and-run.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Today is Colin's birthday, yay. Wow, he got a Pokemon trainer's video for his birthday! Lucky!!!!!! :P Linda's cake was yummilicious.

Zac's blog looks like interesting reading. =) Gotta bug him about it today =P

Chris: found the piece you were singin'. It's Air for the G String by Bach. On my CD it's being played with a synthesizer >.<, which I don't like very much. I'll try and find you a good string version :P

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Woooooooooooooooow, I haven't blogged in a while! Geh, I'm so tired -_- My piano teacher expects me to practice 3 hours a day. I dunno if I have any extra time without a heck of a lot of drawbacks.....::sigh:: How the heck does Kevin keep up with 2 instruments?? I quit violin because I couldn't keep up with both (well, plus the financial issue). I ended up being slightly good at piano and mediocre at violin.

I miss my mom. Even though I saw her only a couple weeks ago, I miss her. I don't know if I miss having my mom around or I miss the idea of having a mom around.

I reaaally love sacral music. The only reason I go to the 6:30 PM mass instead of the 5:00 PM mass is because the 5 PM mass has ...less interesting ( I don't wanna go around insulting my church).... music. Life-teen or something. Whatever.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

This weekend was pretty neato =) On Friday, I saw my mom during one of her monthly visits. We went out and celebrated my birthday, yaay. She gave me a lot of nice crap for my birthday =) which made me feel special.

Saturday morning....MUN rummage sale and Ecology Club clean-up. Pfff, I still don't know what possessed MUN to have a rummage sale at 6:30 in the morning. Crazy. I was suprised; only a few people showed up for the ecology club clean-up. The second shift was fun, after I finally hopped that darn fence behind the baseball field. That made it all worthwhile =) Saturday evening I spent with Chris, Brendan, and Linda. Fun stuff; we should do that more often. The show was alright, but all I could think about during the show were the OCHSA shows. Now THOSE were great. I miss OCHSA. Like Samin said, Los Al was better with OCHSA around, especially with all the "interesting characters" we were able to meet.

I went bowling with Sarah today. She's changed. She admits she's not as flamboyant and hyper as she was a couple months ago, probably because she's become a techie (no, not trekkie). We tried DDR for the first time =P ....i don't wanna say anything else on that subject.

Took the fairy test =) Fairly interesting.

Gossamer Catdancer

A playful stalker of small animals.

Seen When
Only when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.

In spiderwebbed wonderlands and insect grottos.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

I don't blog often enough for Kevin, so I'll make this blog a slightly longer one.

My finger is suffering from slight edema, and i don't know why =(

Sarah came by on my birthday, carrying a crapload of gifts as she always does. When we finally got to talking, I realized how much she's changed over the years. When we were young, we used to play warriors in the trees, climbing around like monkeys. Now, she has a boyfriend, and all she talks about is making out with him. Granted, it's interesting conversation, but I miss the talks about random worlds we created or mystical magic never discovered. I still have my role-playing gear in my room; random sticks, spices, dried leaves, fake money, and jewelry we created. Now my life seems less, well, creative. I no longer make perfume from neighborhood flowers or draw crappy pictures to sell for nickels as I did in my childhood. I seem useless. My selling tactics have diminished with age, for who wants to buy bad pictures from a fifteen-year-old girl? We used to send a little boy around to sell random things for myself and my friends. =P Anyway, I'm glad Sarah came over; we've changed more than I'd like to think.

I really can't stand unearned praise >.< For example, if someone says I'm pretty (which, of course, no-one does), I become annoyed. It bugs me just as much as someone who is making fun of my brother. When people praise my piano skill, I become annoyed because I know I have no piano skill. Gaaaaah.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Aaaaaaaaacck, my dad became reaaaaally pissed at me for going to MUN last night =( He said I was in too many clubs, and may now forcibly remove me from some of them >.< Dooooooooooooh =( I like all the clubs I'm in! No fair.

Anyway, today's my birthday. Yay. Thanks Brendan and Chris for sending me birthday e-mails at one in the morning =D I really appreciate it =) You people are the bestest.

Eaaaa, today Sarah, my alleged best friend, is coming to visit. =) This should be interesting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Installed BlogBack. I don't expect a lot of comments because my posts aren't as philisophical as most people's, but I'm interested in what people hafta say, if anything. Besides, I have nothing better to do at 2 am =P

Monday, October 22, 2001

Cold and wallowing in self-pity, I'm softly exhaling the melody of Chopin's Op. 10 No.6.......shhhhhhhhh....

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Back from MUN, finally =) Ack, my chairs cheated me of some points, but I guess I don't really mind, since I did little to no research. Ah well ^_^ I did talk to Kevin for a while, which was neaaaaaaaaaatooooooooooooooooooo belito =D That's one of the main reasons I didn't ditch MUN. The other reason is Edison = scholarships. =P That's sorta important. Ugh, too disconcerted to blog coherently; I'll try again later.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Went to Knott's Scary Farm yesterday =) Fun fun! ^_^ I got there a little late, though, cuz I kinda took the wrong bus there =P Yeeeeep, stupid april. They all pitched in and paid for my ticket in honor of my birthday =D Yaaaaaaay!! =) Unfortunately, we missed the last bus and were forced to walk part of the way home =( I hope Anna and Lisa aren't in too much trouble.... my dad chewed me out for being half an hour late...... Ugh.
Ack, the 4 girls out of the 12 people that went were supposed to be "bonding," but that really didn't happen too much. The only people who had a bonding experience were Beverly and Andy, as well as Anna and Erico / Lisa and Erico. oooooooh wellllllllllllllll, maybe another time. We also missed seeing Khushboo and Neha =( Darn naggit!

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Eaaaagh, not ready for the Ecology Club meeting tomorrow! Erk.

Starting on college essays would be a good idea, huh..... =P

Monday, October 15, 2001

While walking to church...
Grandma: By the time we get there, we'll stink! Let us not sit near those white people.

Later, after my brother and i asked her to further explain......
Grandma: They don't like us because we are brown.

O.O O.K.....

Sunday, October 14, 2001

::sigh:: brendan, if you're going to stay off aim, at least install reblogger so we can directly respond to your posts =(
Linda's blog is heck-a interesting! =) Since I'm not as computer-friendly as the rest of you, i'll just put up her web address instead of linking it: It's iiiiiiinteresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the los al blog trend continues! =D hehehe

Oh yea, I wanna group blog...maybe that would be interesting too
Homecoming was.....interesting. I don't think I want to go to another dance unless it's with a guy i've like for a while or it's with a bunch of friends (kinda like this time). Some parts were SO MUCH FUUUUN, and others were AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. The DJ played the same music the whole time =( The only variance in music was the oldies music =) which was neato. My head is still muddled, which is why I'm blogging in short and choppy sentences; I'm sorry. Eaaagh. Music toooooo louuuuud. All the people that tried to dance with me I hit by ACCIDENT, just so you people know =P I'm not as confrontational as people think, unless it has to do with my BROTHER. YOU MAKE FUN OF MY BROTHER, YOU FEEL THE WRATH OF APRIL!!!! although my wrath may not be strong, it's passionate =P Iggggh, back to jeans and a t-shirt on monday ^_^

Saturday, October 13, 2001

I'm going to that a good or a bad thing? I'm only going because of peer pressure =P No joke....and my friends didn't want me to bring a date (it's a group of about 10 girls.) Well, I guess it'll be fun. =) Especially since I'll be with good friends the whole time =D

Friday, October 12, 2001

Ayayayayay. Ugh, one day, I'm going to be a parent (maybe) and no matter what I do, my teenager will think I'm a horrible horrible horrible person at some point or another, and I'll think my teen is a horrible horrible horrible spoiled brat. Is it like this with every generation? =( Daaaaaaaaang, maybe I'll sell my children, or put them up for adoption before they're 13 (I'm just kidding you people)

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Hey AprilMaieOktovar
Computer- $999
Internet Provider- $40 a month
AIM Service -free
An Away Message from me - Pricless

Oy, what an ego :P
I have to disagree with colin, reasons for love can be explained. Although I don't like to admit it, my parents, my friends, and my society have great influence over who I love. I want to say," I love that guy because he's akin to me and only me and we're right only for each other!" but that, unfortunately, is not true. The person I love has to fit my criteria, whatever their dimensions may be. Good family background, intelligent, funny, etc. etc. etc. Those seem like reasonable things to want in a guy, or so I have been taught by my upbringing. Different women prefer different guy because their dimensions for the perfect guy are different. Not all aspects of love can be explained, but not because we cannot, but because we are either too lazy or unable to determine or express these reasons. I remember reading Cave of the Moving Shadows (yea, i know, think back to 5-7th grade), in which the protagonist loves someone, but has no words to express his love. His language had no word for love, no use for love. I suppose there are still some aspects of love which have no word, but are rational.

Love really doesn't seem so great or wonderful to me....then again, maybe I haven't truely experienced love yet. I've been surpressing my feelings due to my filipino background and lack of self-esteem? =P Possibly. Love, for right now, seems like a pain that I'm forced to endure. Are all the butterflies in my stomach that magically appear when I see a certain person supposed to be a pleasureable feeling? All it does is make me want to go to the bathroom. To urinate (in case you couldn't figure it out the first time). It seems like a boatload of extra trouble to go out of my way to see him during passing periods, or force myself to talk to him during school. I don't like when my thoughts become muddled, but that happens every time I'm around him. When I'm married, am I going to seem both illiterate and mentally stupid because I love my husband so much? Geez, I hope not.

Anyway, I'll shaddup now.

It IS pretty interesting to cry and play piano at the same time (YOU, shaddup, and you, and you, and HEY! you too! Linda, stop laughing. =P) There's nothing wrong with it!!! (says me)

Brendan: Los Al B team will kick some serious butt! Hopefully =D Of course, it's cuz andrew's there. ^_^ Robin and LINDA too! oh yea.....scott too.....i guess... =P

Oy...pianos with ivory keys make me so sad ....=( ::sniffle:: my piano has ivory keys >.< (yes linda, i do hear your shouts of "envirofreak" in the background)
These posts are from a couple days ago.....

Every time I have a piano lesson, it's like a reawakening. My interested in piano is rekindled every week. I suppose my interest wanes slightly during the week, but only if I've finished all the material on which I'm learning.

My friends want me to go to homecoming, but to not bring a date. datte....datte........hrrrrrrrm. =D

I really like this Mai Kuraki CD! It's super neato.

Drat, I really wanted to go to UC Essay Information night! I wish I had my liscence..... =(
(I did actually end up going)

Saturday, October 06, 2001

Wooooooow, Linda's reaaaaally had fun at aqt today =) I had tons of fun too, but my 4-hour headache really put a damper on things.

Things I need to look over and review:
country placement
absolom, o absolom
death of a salesman
donald duck math movie

i chose all the more interesting things ^_^ keep myself interested

note to self: 75 cents to robin on monday

Friday, October 05, 2001

I keep typing ""

Hmmmmmmmm.....there was something I wanted to blog about, but I don't remember what it was......ah well, life goes on.

Heeey, I figured out how to make omelettes without having to dement the shape! ^_^ I'm so wonderful =P

Awwww, I wanted to go to Les Mis =( Can't make it on Saturday at 2:00 PM >.<

Savor each moment of life, even the painful ones. Yummy.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Every time I looked at my fruity background, I became hungry. I can't eat rocks, unfortunately, so I'm using the rocks as my new template =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Look, a pencil!!!!! No way
Hmmmmmm.....if all guys are evil, then my brother is evil, so that makes me evil if I protect my evil brother. My brother isn't evil, so obviously, all guys aren't evil (yes, it is obvious, my brother is a guy despite the various claims of charles and brendan).
Ugh, I hate trying to be someone I'm not. I don't even notice I'm trying until after I find out I'm not as informed as I think I am. Why can't I take me for me instead of trying to patent my personality to fit into groups I shouldn't be in anyway? Right now I want to draw into myself, to shut out the rest of the world and create illusions only I can see. Ea, time to play Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 6! Nyeh =P I can't stay depressed for long no matter how hard I try! Dammit, it's not fair ^_^ I guess I'll try and be a little more selfish. I don't want anyone to dislike me in any way, so I end up changing my personality to fit others. I need to bring out more of my own.

Monday, October 01, 2001

guysareevilguysareevilguysareevilguysareevil and

phew! thanks, i needed that. =)

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Church today; I daydreamed =(. Bad April!! I was just stuck on certain idea, which inevitably lead to another, and these ideas lead me to be so blinded with fury that I wasn't paying attention to my religious duties. My ideas left me so shaken that I'm afraid they influenced my thoughts about the real subjects, although these people did not actually commit the misdemeanors of which I was thinking. Hmmmm, i should streamline my thoughts more carefully. I'm afraid the sermon didn't affect me as much as it should have today =(. Oh well. The effect of my evil thinking has worn off by now, so I don't have as much to say as I thought I did earlier. Brendan's right, these things never come out the way they are supposed to.

Uggggggh, I remember why I intensely dislike having crushes on people. I tend to dissect every conversation (even the 2-word ones) i have with that person, until the phrase or word becomes completely meaningless. It's too much work! Forget it, I'm going to stick with the guys-are-evil mindset; i'm too lazy for anything else. Nyeh =P

I didn't getta visit Steve today =( Awww. He's sending me some Kuraki Mai songs right now, so I guess he doesn't mind too much. Turns out he only stays at the apartment from Monday-Friday and comes back for the weekends. I guess that's not toooooo bad.

My step-mom showed me how to make turon? toron? Tuuron? today. Yum! =) It's uncooked-cooked-banana, brown sugar, and cheese wrapped in egg-roll wrapping thingies and fried. Daaaaaang, it tastes SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!! hehehe

Hrm, it turns out Chris is table-sitting for Ecology Club with Neil, Jeff, and I on Monday so I have the perfect chance to kick him! Mwahahahahahaha. Eiagh, that seven-sins test was right, wrath is a major problem. Darn Brendan. Ha, Andrew's griping because all the table-sitters are asian except for Lisa, she's half. Too bad for him.

Back to homework! Bleh =(

Saturday, September 29, 2001

Steve's moving this Wednesday =( I can't believe it! I want to visit him and watch a movie (anime, mind you) before he moves, but I don't know if it's going to happen. Awwwww, I hope I'll be able to go and chat, at the least. Hey, why didn't anybody else know about this?!

My step-mom and brother are playing Tekken 2 =/ I the only one who thinks that its cool/weird? hahaha, the girl my step-mom is playing as looks like me, if I were 10 years older and a streetfighting prostitute. Come on, who else can fight in high heels?

I chaired for MUN at Santa Margarita today. Eaaaaaagh, so boring! The only interesting part was playing "heads-up seven up," and even that wasn't terribly exciting. However, I am looking forward to chairing at the Los Alamitos conference again. That is good stuff. Unfortunately, my brother doesn't want to be the legal in my committee =(. He's finally getting to that I'm-too-macho-to-love-my-sister stage >.< NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It can't be! ::sobs:: Aggh, haha =) On a different note, my dad berated me for hours about being late to MUN and being as responsible as I should be. I wouldn't be disturbed if he weren't pointing out the truth. Geeeez, I hate it when my dad's right! :P ::grumble::

Awww, the streetfighting prostitute lost this time around. Darn.

When I listen to music and sing with it, I feel like I'm moving with the music, being carried along the current. but when I'm simply listening to music, I feel like I'm an observer, standing still as everything flows around me. Hmmmm, I'll state the idea more eloquently another time. I'm too lazy at the moment.

Errrrrr, someone remind me to kick Chris on Monday.

AWWWWWWWWWWW, i don't know if I can to go Les Mis on Friday =( My dad's a bit fussy about letting me go places this time of year >.< Dunno if I can shell out the money. Rats, I really wanted to see Les Mis! Geez freakin'.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

I talked to Sunday's/Andy's-good-friend Tim....he thinks I'm psychotic. Oh well! ^_^

The ecology club shirts look neat-o! I'm really happy with them. I shoulda charged more for them but....nah.

Someone wrote a conflict mediation poem. =/ That's just sad. -_- Our meetings have been useless this past week; the only people doing work are the new members. Too bad, so sad.

I can't believe steve is moving!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! >.< !!!!!!!!!!! I guess it had to happen, I just never expected it to happen. I guess I'll help him pack =(

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Oy. It turns out Sunday's Tim is Andy's-good-friend Tim. I KNEW he looked familiar! I need to lynch the jerk.

Heeey, I haven't commented on how wonderful showers are in a long while. Showers are WONDERFUL, they make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and outside ^_^ Yay! Of course, there are the Filipino "showers," which consist of a bucket, a low faucet, and a lot of cold water...not so fun.

I need to make a webpage for ecology club -_-

Monday, September 24, 2001


Whether or not God exists doesn't matter. Blog more about it later.
I can frolic and be merry; my physics lab is done. ^_^ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Sunday, September 23, 2001

no faaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir
Stupid double standards...just because my brother is a guy he has 10x more freedom! Really, am I that much weaker than Andrew? Geez, I wish my mom were around to balance my dad's super overbearing nature. How FRUSTRATING
Errrrrr.........I want to take up a destructive activity, like archery or boxing.

Saturday, September 22, 2001

I think I'm going to change the name of this blog to :::::::::::::SUPER VAPID READING::::::::::::::::::

Friday, September 21, 2001

Piano: nothing else is worth my time. Everything else can rot. enwlaph/ehfione a;elksahfdl agnkgl.

Oh, i did go to Khushboo's 'lil get-together thing today =) It was kinder fun! ^_^ Yaaaaaay yaaaaaay and if steve ever sends me a message, we'll play basketball tomorrow. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE! My bro doesn't like playing basketball with me =( . He's only interested in tennis.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Grrrrrrr, frustrated. Don't want to talk about it. >.< -_-

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Oh, note to self: check anime list.
Hmmm. Well. Wow. My Chopin Etude Op. 10, No. 6 is coming along nicely, and my teacher thinks it's almost finished. It's not it's not it's not it's not it's not it's not! I think there's still room for improvement. Nothing interesting the last few days....nope...... nothing..... I think I'll go practice again.

I wish I could have piano lessons every day...

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Eaghhhhhhhhhh, too much work to dooo before school starts. I have nothing much to say except 1) I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk to Vicky before she started her quasi-eternal sign off (well, it seems like eternity!) and 2) I'm gonna respond to Vicky's blog! ^_^

I'm really not so cheerful as people's just a mask to hide my depression and/or boring personality =) Of course, sometimes I'm just plain happy =P Happy-happy! Like love-love desu! Anyway, I tend to be more cheerful when I'm around people, especially after I figured out that no-one likes a dull self-absorbed whiner. Plus, a friend of mine kinda overreacted when I was insulting myself, forcing me to drop my super-mild masochistic mannerisms. My other blog/ diaries are REAAAAALLY depressing ( and kinda funny =P ). Besides, my schoolmates have to constantly put up with my "I'M TIIIIIIIIIRED" and "I WANT SLEEEEEP" cries, so I try and be cheerful to make up for it. ^_^ Vicky, are you sure I'm cheerful and not silly? =P There are enough good things in my life to keep me happyyyyyyyyyy (Lisa, your jokes about the queen of the ceiling spiders are not included =P ), and I tend to keep my nervous breakdowns in the corner of my room, destroying some random object.

Vicky's blog is undeniably Vicky. It's all her super neat traits in writing =) It's positively dripping with Vicky's personality! =D Enough said!

Les Mis in October sounds fun. Can I come?

I'll blog about Las Vegas when I'm finished with my )$*#^$*#(@)^$*&#*@()@^ english homework =P (Is there an expletive that long?)

Oh yea, I realized my teacher wants me to pick new pieces cuz my current ones aren't difficult enough. >.< nuts!

Heeeeey, neat! On my blogpage, the scroll bar is green and orange! Neeeeeeaaaaato! I just noticed that the nickname Beverly gave me (Apple Core) fits the template perfectly =) Super neat!

Sunday, September 02, 2001

Ugh, today my dad locked us out of the house -_- It was either break a window or climb to the roof. Soooooo, I had to climb up the ladder and disassemble the screen on the flimsy tin portion of the roof in order to get into the house (there was only one window partially open). Andrew plum didn't wanna do it, and my dad was afraid he would fall through (besides, I didn't wanna break a window.) Too bad the window was 5 feet above the tin roof, and i ended up bruising myself on the edge of the metal screen frame while trying to launch myself through the window. Oh well =P It was fun! ^_^ I enjoyed myself immensely. Hehehe =D I was in pain afterwards, but no biggie =) I just wish my dad hadn't thrown a knife at me while I was prying open the screen ( so what if it landed nowhere near me? I was FREAKED!)

Thursday, August 30, 2001

hmmm....i haven't blogged in a while. I'll blog about my Vegas trip in full detail sometime. For now, I have Man and Superman to finish. Man and Superman has many references to Mozart's music, so I'm pretty interested. I played out the little excerpts in the book.

My piano teacher's allowing me to choose any Debussy prelude I want (except for Fireworks and Mintrels) >) Either Debussy or MacDowell...tough choice =( I also getta pick another Bach prelude and fugue =D Maybe something from the second book this time around. Yayay, I can't wait to start learning my new pieces, even though I'm not quite sure what they are yet.

I wish I could have my piano lessons at my house, cuz I LOOOOVE my piano. It's so neat! I wish I could take it everywhere with me; people make enough jokes about me slinging my piano over my shoulder as it is. Maybe I should have stuck to violin; it's easier to carry.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Barnes and Noble actually has some anime CDs; I was really surprised. I found stuff from Sailor Moon, Digimon, and even Akira! I need to find a copy of Akira. I think I'll go do that now.
Went to Barnes and Noble yesterday! My dad spent 2 hours looking at cds, while I just gamboled around, doing nothing. Actually, I was listening to part of Milhaud's String Quartet No. 1, Op. 5 . Now I wanna go buy a recording of it, it's so preeeetty =P I also want a recording of Ravel's String Quartet in F. The Ravel Quartet and the Milhaud Quartet sound pretty similar. I was also browsing through some Grieg, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and Bach. There were some theme-of-Paganini variations by Rachmaninoff I really liked. Of course, I could only listen to these CDs because I'm too broke to buy any =P

Bach is really amazing, I could listen to his works all day! His pieces are really magnificent. Wow. Bach. Prodigious.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

noting to say, nothing to do! I'll just go and do my daily stuff: read, sleep, practice, EAT (today I have ube!!! and pastillas de leche!!! yaaaay), play, and attempt to find something for ecology club to do.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

For my dad's birthday, my family (except my mom, of course) went to Todai to eat. The food is yummy-licious, but not worth the $127.70. Then went shopping at Target =P Lame, huh. He's 53 now, but I don't think he looks 53. More around 43, maybe....then again, I'm bad at guessing ages. I updated my site today =P Really bored? Check it out... . I took the midi off the homepage cuz someone told me to =P BUT the midis only work when you refresh the page anyway, so i don't really see a problem.
The Concert on the Green was really fuuuuuuuuun and lovely =) Sarah managed to sit through the whole thing without going ballistic =P I owe her. My favorite selections were Paginini's "Carnival of Venice" and Gershwin's "American in Paris." Mr. Sisil conducted a Gloria Estevan medly =P I had no clue he was Assistant Conductor and Principal Clarinetist for the CPO! That's neat. My piano teacher happens to be the Chair for Cultural Arts in Cypress, so I wonder if the two know each other.

Oh, by the way, my piano teacher is running for Congress =P I think that's pretty neat, although I won't vote for her when she runs for president sometime in the next two decades. I'm more Democrat than Republican. Actually, I'm more Green than Republican.

"Absolutely, 100 percent!", "Prodigious!", and "Perfecto!" are three exclamations I'm absorbing into my vocabulary ^_^

Oh yea, today is my dad's birthday, woohoooooooooooooo!!!!!! Yay for him.

If I streak my hair blue, will people laugh? I really wanna streak my hair.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

I think I'm going to the Cypress library today to go hear Mr. Sisil play! =D Linda told me about it =) The Concerts on the Green are pretty neat. Other than that...nothing much else to do. Awwww. I'll just post lyrics that I sing all the time! Suuuure, good way to pass the time! =P

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars.
In other words,
Hold my hand!
In other words,
Darling, kiss me.
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore.
In other words,
Please be true!
In other words,
I love you.

Sit back and listen to this song that I'm singin'!
Photon, proton
Synchroton are interesting =)
Science is BETTER
Than love can ever be
Falling in love is based on chaotic theory
(Falling in love is a Don Quixote-ic theory)
Emotions are exausting
Quantum mechanics never ever make you frown
With scientific method
Imaginary, won't combine with will, yea!
(Imaginary walls will come tumbling down, yeah!)

Friday, August 10, 2001

Awwwww, bad news for Vicky =( I can't make it the eighteenth, I'm sorry! My dad informed me TODAY I'm going to be gone the 18th and 19th. THIS BITES. I don't want to go to Vegas! What the hack am I going to do there, stare at people the whole time?! I'd rather stay home and do homework! I'm super fuming right now. I would blog more if my dad wasn't breathing down my neck. Well, at least it's a week's notice =/ When we went to Mexico, he told us to start packing the day before we left! Now that was bad.
Wow, Vicky knows the correct spelling of Ritalin! Wonder why ... ^_~
Errrrrrrrr.... I'm not doing anything today cuz my dad cancelled my plans at 4:30 in the flippin' morning >( after giving me permission the night before. Dang, this STINKS!!! I'm NOT ALLOWED to get angry at him either! I feel helpless-angry, but I'm not showing any outwardly signs. That way, my dad will think I'm crazy, and maybe he'll give me some Riddlin. Yaaaaaay Riddlin!

Thursday, August 09, 2001

I'm being forced to blog by a crazy woman who does work quickly while procrastinating. Um....hi.....I ate fish and rice.....that's about it....HAPPY VICKY?!
I stubbed my toe! Wow, that's the second-most exciting thing that's happened to me today. =)

My dad gave me a driving lesson yesterday. He's a durn good teacher! A bit crazy, though. He wanted me to be more "adventurous" whenever I was driving slowly =/ then yell whenever I sped up. Parents make scary teachers. Actually, he was more patient than usual =P Crazy!

While I was was waiting for my dad to finish his saxomophone lesson, I bought one of those cheap $0.25 rubber balls at a mini-mart. It looks pretty neat! It's blue with white swirls. When I first saw it, it reminded me of earth....if earth had no land. There are different colored patches of blue, so it looks like an earth with only shallow and deep water, clouds, and ice patches. When I stared at the ball later, it started to look like an ordinary ball =( I was disenchanted. Perhaps it was because of the line dividing the BALL into half. Now the rubber ball is stuck in my pocket, probably later to be deposited in some random drawer and stuck there for eternity.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

I got my permit today. Whoop-dee-doo. That's the most exciting thing that's happened to me today =P Yaaaay, finally ^_^
That's all I really wanted to say, I think. Oh yea! Today is John's birthday; he told me yesterday. He said he and Mabel are probably going to go to the get-together.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

For Vicky's sake, I'm gonna say *hugs* instead of embrace. That way, it doesn't seem as scandalous. =P

For Vicky:
Aznbrainmw: oh i was talking to vicky about it
Aznbrainmw: if you guys want, there's a chance we can go broomballing with local key clubs
Aznbrainmw: at night

I know I'm gonna forget, so I put it there.

My dad came along to play tennis today, which cut down the amount of work I had to do. My brother and I played against my dad. Why, you ask? Well! I used to really really really stink. Now I only reek. Geez, the only time I broke a sweat when I was sitting in the car =P Oh well, my brother and I will play some other time ^_^

Monday, August 06, 2001

Hmmm, short bursts of data, huh? I'm a lazier version of Vicky? =P I'm kinda looking forward to the get-together on the eighteenth; it should prove interesting. Now the only things that need to be determined are the people going, the place we're meeting, and the exact time we're meeting. ^_^ Of course, those are the frivolous and unimportant details.

I played tennis with Andrew today. I exerted little to no effort, so Andrew won with little to no effort. I accredited my horrendous playing to my laziness (due to the heat). I was thinking in my head about a certain someone who plays tennis, a person with whom I'm not interested any more. I think that person was kinda the reason why I started liking tennis, and began trying to play tennis. I'm afraid I've lost my interest in tennis, which would kinda be a shame. My brother is durn good, and I should try to help him .... On top of that, I was gonna try out for the tennis team, but that seems to expensive. Another reason why I "lost" my interest in tennis. Neh, I'm a whiner. =) Hey, at least my friends are interested in basketball =P I'm not so bad at that if I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY try ^_^ I hear Beverly is pretty good at basketball =D We said we're gonna go play each other sometime. Of course, she's gonna win, since she almost made the basketball team and everything...but oh well! It'll be fun playing. I hope. =P
Okay, so the lyrics aren't so wonderful. At least it sounds nice...

Hey, hey! Vicky explained it all to me =) Those lyrics weren't actually made for Pokemon. Now things make SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!
Heey, I found the only good english pokemon lyrics not by Angela Via! Wow =P

Got introduced to you by a friend
You were cute and all that
Baby you set the trend
Yes you did!
The next thing I know
We're down at the cinema
We're sitting there
You said you love me, what's that about?

You're moving to fast, don't understand you!
I'm not ready yet, baby I can't pretend
No I can't
Best I can do is tell you to talk to me
It's possible eventual love will find a way!

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your hearts in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married!
Give Me Give Me Some Time!

Here's how to play, Here's how I stand!
Here what's to prove to get any further then where it's been
I'll make it clear, Not gonna tell you twice
Take it slow, quit pushing me, you're pushing me away!

Repeat Chorus

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
Baby don't you love me baby, baby
Give me some time!

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your hearts in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married!
Give Me Give Me

Repeat Chorus x2

It's by M2M. Yes, I like pokemon, DEAL WITH IT =P It's not so bad. Really. Yanfei agrees with me!!!
Yay, I think I'm actually over that one dude I used to like. =) Yippeeee!!!!!! Alright, I'm done celebrating now ^_^ Geez, finally, it's been a freakin year. I didn't know I was slow in all aspects of my life. Ewwww, this is easier said than done, but IT'S DONE!!! (hopefully =P)

Oh, Eric and Lisa aren't getting married. =( Nuts! I was looking forward to the armegeddon wedding, retarded children, and everything else that went along with the fun fun marriage!

Hey, isn't George Oldroyd's description of a fugue's subject and countersubject neat? "The two must belong to each other." Pffff, that cleared up my conception of a fugue quite nicely. I was trying to bring up a certain part of a voice much louder than the other two voices in my three-voice fugue, when I should have been playing them in conjunction. Hey, now the piece sounds a heck of a lot better! =)

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Andrew's making fun of my singing =( I'm hurt >.< I'm gonna go cry in my corner now.
I'm bored. I'm gonna post the lyrics to my current favorite song ^_^

Mokuyoubi no yo-jikan-me madogiwa wa watashi dake no tokutou-seki
Jugyou ja narawanai kamoku

Donna ni ooku no hito no naka kara demo
Isshun dake de anata no sugata chanto mitsukeru

* Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Anata ni tsutaeru yuuki honto wa mada nai kuse ni
Koko de me ga atchaeba ii na Nante sukoshi negatta

Itsu mo mimamotte kureru kono sora no
Aosa ni yatto kizuita you na ki ga suru

Harikiri-sugite pinto ga bokechatta shashin-mitai
Chika-sugite mienai mono ga ippai

Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Dare ni mo zettai mane no dekinai koto da to omou
Sekai de hajimete no koi wo shite iru yo Sugoku anata ni

* Repeat

Actually, I'm getting really tired of this song cuz I keep singing it (and not very well). The only remedy to this "problem" would be to stop singing it, but that's not gonna happen any time soon. I sing it when I'm bored, which happens to be a lot of the time. I think I like the song partly because of the seiyuu and the flute accompaniment, which would explain why I don't like how it sounds when I sing it.
How the heck do I change the template? Sure, I like being fruity and I like my green font, but somehow the big avocado is a big turn-off. Eh. I'm over it.
Hey yaaaay, Eric Davis and Lisa are gettin married!!! ^_^ Eric Kim sent me the invitation to hear the gossip =P

You are cordially invited to hear about the wedding (which you are doing now) between the

Mr. Eric Davis
Ms. Lisa Marie Brantley

They have proclaimed to love each other and that they "were meant for each other". I know this because they were talking of their future all night and I was listening to the hell they were talking about brewing up in this
world. Listening was hell in itself. The apparent marriage is supposed to take place tonight, August 4, 2001, after six pm after Davis gets off of work.

Heeey, why wasn't I invited to the wedding?? =( I always knew Lisa had it in for me!!!!!! >.<
After the rendezvous at Seka's house, Insane Jane drove my brother and me home. She insisted we needed to be "educated" after learning we couldn't tell Alternative from R&B (whatever that is), and drove around looking for a church parking lot to begin some "driver training." Andrew, in his wonderfulness, convince her to bring us hooome =P I did get to drive around a little, though. She then vowed to give me a make-over ( although, for her kind of partying, I'd need an attitude make-over) and said something about prom.
I have no clue who I'm blogging for, cuz no-one's gonna be reading them. Hmmmmm, maybe that's a good thing. =)
*Sigh* I really hope I'm over my last crush (let's give him a code name..."John" will do! ) because he's obviously not for me. I really do hope he and Mabel keep seeing each other =) They're such a cute couple! ^_^ I thought I had gotten over him; I've stopped jumping whenever I hear his name. However, when Susan goes on and on about how John stays over at her house till 1 in the morning, and how she repeatedly scares the "happy couple" by opening the door on them and catching the two of them in an embrace, I feel kinda jealous. =( Oh well =) I'll get over him sometime.
Seka's party was....very filipino. I ate and ate and ate and ate, picked up some shells, had a water balloon fight, and ate and ate and ate and ate.....( filipinos believe in force-feeding =P If you don't eat, you're not filipino.) I picked up some pretty interesting shells while I was up at the contaminated bay, some of which still had living creatures within them. Of course, my uncle/half-grandpa/ step-relative/ aunt's cousin/ person-i-don't-know said that he used to eat them when he was in the Philippines (No surprise there, filipinos eat everything). Actually, the party was a consant reminder why I don't like going to filipino parties =P even though I did have a lot of fun. I'll write more later.

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Hmmmm....I'm ....blogging =P This is all Vicky' fault! I'll whine later, right now I have to go to my little cousin's birthday party! ^_^ yaaay