Monday, November 12, 2001

I planted my two little shoots in soil this morning. =) They're the kind that are three for a dollar at the mall. Not bamboo, but smaller, thinner, and less tasty versions of bamboo. Orignally, they lived on the windowsill of my room, but they seemed stifled there. I'm a bit worried, though; the soil I replanted my shoots in may too sandy. Unfortunately for me, sand does not absorb water too well. In my room, they were practically submerged in water. Ah well. My plants are hardy little plants, they'll survive. =) The roots are strong, although the tops are a bit withered. Hrm....maybe I shouldn't have replanted during winter....sigh. Errrr, in order to replant my shoots, I had to relocate a young and tiny aloe vera plant. I hope it lives.

Winter's here. I don't know what exactly makes me feel winter; perhaps it's the sharp and bitter sting in the air that I inhale as I walk. It could be the smell of unsettled dust coming from the rattling thermostat, warming up for its annual employment. Gah, it's most likely the lack of sheets on the calendar wall. I, unfortunately, am not weather astute. I'm already looking forward to Christmas, dreading the winter sickness I know I'll recieve, and helping my brother "break out" the old-school video games. There's a cozy and relaxed feeling that;s permeating throughout me, making me feel sleeeeeepyyyy... ah, I like winter.

My brother did something really gay today, which freaked me out (HEY, YOU and YOU and ....YOU shaddup!!! Especially you, Brendan! No rude comments...) Hmm, never mind, no-one wants to hear about this =P

It's raiiiiiining! errrr, was. How lovely. ^_^

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