Monday, November 26, 2001

Hmmmm....four-day weekend and most of us start our homework Monday morning. Heh =P

Gah, what's the point of high school relationships?! They're blocked by everything; parents, school, outside activities, everything adds up to a big 0. Sure, you may be having the time of your life now, but sooner or later he/she will have to leave. Doesn't that sting. Grabbing a few moments here and there just makes the whole thing sore. A few bites won't bed down a starving stomach, only excite more hunger. Ahh...speaking of, I'm really hungry, I haven't eaten dinner yet.

I think that in this whirlwind of attempted self-improvement, I've lost grip of some parts of me that are truely important. Like Vicky, this year's the only year I've actually felt in place within my groups of friends. At first, I attributed it to self-improvment, but I really don't think I've matured much from last year to this year. I actually inwardly scorned another person who is in the same predicament I had last year. I should have been sympathizing, empathizing, comforting. Ugh. I sicken me.

Alright, that's it, I'm changing CDs, no more of this Mess of Melancholy (that's the title of the CD). =)

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