Thursday, August 30, 2001

hmmm....i haven't blogged in a while. I'll blog about my Vegas trip in full detail sometime. For now, I have Man and Superman to finish. Man and Superman has many references to Mozart's music, so I'm pretty interested. I played out the little excerpts in the book.

My piano teacher's allowing me to choose any Debussy prelude I want (except for Fireworks and Mintrels) >) Either Debussy or MacDowell...tough choice =( I also getta pick another Bach prelude and fugue =D Maybe something from the second book this time around. Yayay, I can't wait to start learning my new pieces, even though I'm not quite sure what they are yet.

I wish I could have my piano lessons at my house, cuz I LOOOOVE my piano. It's so neat! I wish I could take it everywhere with me; people make enough jokes about me slinging my piano over my shoulder as it is. Maybe I should have stuck to violin; it's easier to carry.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Barnes and Noble actually has some anime CDs; I was really surprised. I found stuff from Sailor Moon, Digimon, and even Akira! I need to find a copy of Akira. I think I'll go do that now.
Went to Barnes and Noble yesterday! My dad spent 2 hours looking at cds, while I just gamboled around, doing nothing. Actually, I was listening to part of Milhaud's String Quartet No. 1, Op. 5 . Now I wanna go buy a recording of it, it's so preeeetty =P I also want a recording of Ravel's String Quartet in F. The Ravel Quartet and the Milhaud Quartet sound pretty similar. I was also browsing through some Grieg, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and Bach. There were some theme-of-Paganini variations by Rachmaninoff I really liked. Of course, I could only listen to these CDs because I'm too broke to buy any =P

Bach is really amazing, I could listen to his works all day! His pieces are really magnificent. Wow. Bach. Prodigious.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

noting to say, nothing to do! I'll just go and do my daily stuff: read, sleep, practice, EAT (today I have ube!!! and pastillas de leche!!! yaaaay), play, and attempt to find something for ecology club to do.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

For my dad's birthday, my family (except my mom, of course) went to Todai to eat. The food is yummy-licious, but not worth the $127.70. Then went shopping at Target =P Lame, huh. He's 53 now, but I don't think he looks 53. More around 43, maybe....then again, I'm bad at guessing ages. I updated my site today =P Really bored? Check it out... . I took the midi off the homepage cuz someone told me to =P BUT the midis only work when you refresh the page anyway, so i don't really see a problem.
The Concert on the Green was really fuuuuuuuuun and lovely =) Sarah managed to sit through the whole thing without going ballistic =P I owe her. My favorite selections were Paginini's "Carnival of Venice" and Gershwin's "American in Paris." Mr. Sisil conducted a Gloria Estevan medly =P I had no clue he was Assistant Conductor and Principal Clarinetist for the CPO! That's neat. My piano teacher happens to be the Chair for Cultural Arts in Cypress, so I wonder if the two know each other.

Oh, by the way, my piano teacher is running for Congress =P I think that's pretty neat, although I won't vote for her when she runs for president sometime in the next two decades. I'm more Democrat than Republican. Actually, I'm more Green than Republican.

"Absolutely, 100 percent!", "Prodigious!", and "Perfecto!" are three exclamations I'm absorbing into my vocabulary ^_^

Oh yea, today is my dad's birthday, woohoooooooooooooo!!!!!! Yay for him.

If I streak my hair blue, will people laugh? I really wanna streak my hair.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

I think I'm going to the Cypress library today to go hear Mr. Sisil play! =D Linda told me about it =) The Concerts on the Green are pretty neat. Other than that...nothing much else to do. Awwww. I'll just post lyrics that I sing all the time! Suuuure, good way to pass the time! =P

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars.
In other words,
Hold my hand!
In other words,
Darling, kiss me.
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore.
In other words,
Please be true!
In other words,
I love you.

Sit back and listen to this song that I'm singin'!
Photon, proton
Synchroton are interesting =)
Science is BETTER
Than love can ever be
Falling in love is based on chaotic theory
(Falling in love is a Don Quixote-ic theory)
Emotions are exausting
Quantum mechanics never ever make you frown
With scientific method
Imaginary, won't combine with will, yea!
(Imaginary walls will come tumbling down, yeah!)

Friday, August 10, 2001

Awwwww, bad news for Vicky =( I can't make it the eighteenth, I'm sorry! My dad informed me TODAY I'm going to be gone the 18th and 19th. THIS BITES. I don't want to go to Vegas! What the hack am I going to do there, stare at people the whole time?! I'd rather stay home and do homework! I'm super fuming right now. I would blog more if my dad wasn't breathing down my neck. Well, at least it's a week's notice =/ When we went to Mexico, he told us to start packing the day before we left! Now that was bad.
Wow, Vicky knows the correct spelling of Ritalin! Wonder why ... ^_~
Errrrrrrrr.... I'm not doing anything today cuz my dad cancelled my plans at 4:30 in the flippin' morning >( after giving me permission the night before. Dang, this STINKS!!! I'm NOT ALLOWED to get angry at him either! I feel helpless-angry, but I'm not showing any outwardly signs. That way, my dad will think I'm crazy, and maybe he'll give me some Riddlin. Yaaaaaay Riddlin!

Thursday, August 09, 2001

I'm being forced to blog by a crazy woman who does work quickly while procrastinating. Um....hi.....I ate fish and rice.....that's about it....HAPPY VICKY?!
I stubbed my toe! Wow, that's the second-most exciting thing that's happened to me today. =)

My dad gave me a driving lesson yesterday. He's a durn good teacher! A bit crazy, though. He wanted me to be more "adventurous" whenever I was driving slowly =/ then yell whenever I sped up. Parents make scary teachers. Actually, he was more patient than usual =P Crazy!

While I was was waiting for my dad to finish his saxomophone lesson, I bought one of those cheap $0.25 rubber balls at a mini-mart. It looks pretty neat! It's blue with white swirls. When I first saw it, it reminded me of earth....if earth had no land. There are different colored patches of blue, so it looks like an earth with only shallow and deep water, clouds, and ice patches. When I stared at the ball later, it started to look like an ordinary ball =( I was disenchanted. Perhaps it was because of the line dividing the BALL into half. Now the rubber ball is stuck in my pocket, probably later to be deposited in some random drawer and stuck there for eternity.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

I got my permit today. Whoop-dee-doo. That's the most exciting thing that's happened to me today =P Yaaaay, finally ^_^
That's all I really wanted to say, I think. Oh yea! Today is John's birthday; he told me yesterday. He said he and Mabel are probably going to go to the get-together.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

For Vicky's sake, I'm gonna say *hugs* instead of embrace. That way, it doesn't seem as scandalous. =P

For Vicky:
Aznbrainmw: oh i was talking to vicky about it
Aznbrainmw: if you guys want, there's a chance we can go broomballing with local key clubs
Aznbrainmw: at night

I know I'm gonna forget, so I put it there.

My dad came along to play tennis today, which cut down the amount of work I had to do. My brother and I played against my dad. Why, you ask? Well! I used to really really really stink. Now I only reek. Geez, the only time I broke a sweat when I was sitting in the car =P Oh well, my brother and I will play some other time ^_^

Monday, August 06, 2001

Hmmm, short bursts of data, huh? I'm a lazier version of Vicky? =P I'm kinda looking forward to the get-together on the eighteenth; it should prove interesting. Now the only things that need to be determined are the people going, the place we're meeting, and the exact time we're meeting. ^_^ Of course, those are the frivolous and unimportant details.

I played tennis with Andrew today. I exerted little to no effort, so Andrew won with little to no effort. I accredited my horrendous playing to my laziness (due to the heat). I was thinking in my head about a certain someone who plays tennis, a person with whom I'm not interested any more. I think that person was kinda the reason why I started liking tennis, and began trying to play tennis. I'm afraid I've lost my interest in tennis, which would kinda be a shame. My brother is durn good, and I should try to help him .... On top of that, I was gonna try out for the tennis team, but that seems to expensive. Another reason why I "lost" my interest in tennis. Neh, I'm a whiner. =) Hey, at least my friends are interested in basketball =P I'm not so bad at that if I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY try ^_^ I hear Beverly is pretty good at basketball =D We said we're gonna go play each other sometime. Of course, she's gonna win, since she almost made the basketball team and everything...but oh well! It'll be fun playing. I hope. =P
Okay, so the lyrics aren't so wonderful. At least it sounds nice...

Hey, hey! Vicky explained it all to me =) Those lyrics weren't actually made for Pokemon. Now things make SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!
Heey, I found the only good english pokemon lyrics not by Angela Via! Wow =P

Got introduced to you by a friend
You were cute and all that
Baby you set the trend
Yes you did!
The next thing I know
We're down at the cinema
We're sitting there
You said you love me, what's that about?

You're moving to fast, don't understand you!
I'm not ready yet, baby I can't pretend
No I can't
Best I can do is tell you to talk to me
It's possible eventual love will find a way!

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your hearts in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married!
Give Me Give Me Some Time!

Here's how to play, Here's how I stand!
Here what's to prove to get any further then where it's been
I'll make it clear, Not gonna tell you twice
Take it slow, quit pushing me, you're pushing me away!

Repeat Chorus

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
Baby don't you love me baby, baby
Give me some time!

Don't say you love me
You don't even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don't go there baby
Not before I'm ready
Don't say your hearts in a hurry
It's not like we're gonna get married!
Give Me Give Me

Repeat Chorus x2

It's by M2M. Yes, I like pokemon, DEAL WITH IT =P It's not so bad. Really. Yanfei agrees with me!!!
Yay, I think I'm actually over that one dude I used to like. =) Yippeeee!!!!!! Alright, I'm done celebrating now ^_^ Geez, finally, it's been a freakin year. I didn't know I was slow in all aspects of my life. Ewwww, this is easier said than done, but IT'S DONE!!! (hopefully =P)

Oh, Eric and Lisa aren't getting married. =( Nuts! I was looking forward to the armegeddon wedding, retarded children, and everything else that went along with the fun fun marriage!

Hey, isn't George Oldroyd's description of a fugue's subject and countersubject neat? "The two must belong to each other." Pffff, that cleared up my conception of a fugue quite nicely. I was trying to bring up a certain part of a voice much louder than the other two voices in my three-voice fugue, when I should have been playing them in conjunction. Hey, now the piece sounds a heck of a lot better! =)

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Andrew's making fun of my singing =( I'm hurt >.< I'm gonna go cry in my corner now.
I'm bored. I'm gonna post the lyrics to my current favorite song ^_^

Mokuyoubi no yo-jikan-me madogiwa wa watashi dake no tokutou-seki
Jugyou ja narawanai kamoku

Donna ni ooku no hito no naka kara demo
Isshun dake de anata no sugata chanto mitsukeru

* Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Anata ni tsutaeru yuuki honto wa mada nai kuse ni
Koko de me ga atchaeba ii na Nante sukoshi negatta

Itsu mo mimamotte kureru kono sora no
Aosa ni yatto kizuita you na ki ga suru

Harikiri-sugite pinto ga bokechatta shashin-mitai
Chika-sugite mienai mono ga ippai

Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Dare ni mo zettai mane no dekinai koto da to omou
Sekai de hajimete no koi wo shite iru yo Sugoku anata ni

* Repeat

Actually, I'm getting really tired of this song cuz I keep singing it (and not very well). The only remedy to this "problem" would be to stop singing it, but that's not gonna happen any time soon. I sing it when I'm bored, which happens to be a lot of the time. I think I like the song partly because of the seiyuu and the flute accompaniment, which would explain why I don't like how it sounds when I sing it.
How the heck do I change the template? Sure, I like being fruity and I like my green font, but somehow the big avocado is a big turn-off. Eh. I'm over it.
Hey yaaaay, Eric Davis and Lisa are gettin married!!! ^_^ Eric Kim sent me the invitation to hear the gossip =P

You are cordially invited to hear about the wedding (which you are doing now) between the

Mr. Eric Davis
Ms. Lisa Marie Brantley

They have proclaimed to love each other and that they "were meant for each other". I know this because they were talking of their future all night and I was listening to the hell they were talking about brewing up in this
world. Listening was hell in itself. The apparent marriage is supposed to take place tonight, August 4, 2001, after six pm after Davis gets off of work.

Heeey, why wasn't I invited to the wedding?? =( I always knew Lisa had it in for me!!!!!! >.<
After the rendezvous at Seka's house, Insane Jane drove my brother and me home. She insisted we needed to be "educated" after learning we couldn't tell Alternative from R&B (whatever that is), and drove around looking for a church parking lot to begin some "driver training." Andrew, in his wonderfulness, convince her to bring us hooome =P I did get to drive around a little, though. She then vowed to give me a make-over ( although, for her kind of partying, I'd need an attitude make-over) and said something about prom.
I have no clue who I'm blogging for, cuz no-one's gonna be reading them. Hmmmmm, maybe that's a good thing. =)
*Sigh* I really hope I'm over my last crush (let's give him a code name..."John" will do! ) because he's obviously not for me. I really do hope he and Mabel keep seeing each other =) They're such a cute couple! ^_^ I thought I had gotten over him; I've stopped jumping whenever I hear his name. However, when Susan goes on and on about how John stays over at her house till 1 in the morning, and how she repeatedly scares the "happy couple" by opening the door on them and catching the two of them in an embrace, I feel kinda jealous. =( Oh well =) I'll get over him sometime.
Seka's party was....very filipino. I ate and ate and ate and ate, picked up some shells, had a water balloon fight, and ate and ate and ate and ate.....( filipinos believe in force-feeding =P If you don't eat, you're not filipino.) I picked up some pretty interesting shells while I was up at the contaminated bay, some of which still had living creatures within them. Of course, my uncle/half-grandpa/ step-relative/ aunt's cousin/ person-i-don't-know said that he used to eat them when he was in the Philippines (No surprise there, filipinos eat everything). Actually, the party was a consant reminder why I don't like going to filipino parties =P even though I did have a lot of fun. I'll write more later.

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Hmmmm....I'm ....blogging =P This is all Vicky' fault! I'll whine later, right now I have to go to my little cousin's birthday party! ^_^ yaaay