Thursday, August 09, 2001

I stubbed my toe! Wow, that's the second-most exciting thing that's happened to me today. =)

My dad gave me a driving lesson yesterday. He's a durn good teacher! A bit crazy, though. He wanted me to be more "adventurous" whenever I was driving slowly =/ then yell whenever I sped up. Parents make scary teachers. Actually, he was more patient than usual =P Crazy!

While I was was waiting for my dad to finish his saxomophone lesson, I bought one of those cheap $0.25 rubber balls at a mini-mart. It looks pretty neat! It's blue with white swirls. When I first saw it, it reminded me of earth....if earth had no land. There are different colored patches of blue, so it looks like an earth with only shallow and deep water, clouds, and ice patches. When I stared at the ball later, it started to look like an ordinary ball =( I was disenchanted. Perhaps it was because of the line dividing the BALL into half. Now the rubber ball is stuck in my pocket, probably later to be deposited in some random drawer and stuck there for eternity.

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