Sunday, August 05, 2001

After the rendezvous at Seka's house, Insane Jane drove my brother and me home. She insisted we needed to be "educated" after learning we couldn't tell Alternative from R&B (whatever that is), and drove around looking for a church parking lot to begin some "driver training." Andrew, in his wonderfulness, convince her to bring us hooome =P I did get to drive around a little, though. She then vowed to give me a make-over ( although, for her kind of partying, I'd need an attitude make-over) and said something about prom.
I have no clue who I'm blogging for, cuz no-one's gonna be reading them. Hmmmmm, maybe that's a good thing. =)
*Sigh* I really hope I'm over my last crush (let's give him a code name..."John" will do! ) because he's obviously not for me. I really do hope he and Mabel keep seeing each other =) They're such a cute couple! ^_^ I thought I had gotten over him; I've stopped jumping whenever I hear his name. However, when Susan goes on and on about how John stays over at her house till 1 in the morning, and how she repeatedly scares the "happy couple" by opening the door on them and catching the two of them in an embrace, I feel kinda jealous. =( Oh well =) I'll get over him sometime.

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