Sunday, August 05, 2001

How the heck do I change the template? Sure, I like being fruity and I like my green font, but somehow the big avocado is a big turn-off. Eh. I'm over it.
Hey yaaaay, Eric Davis and Lisa are gettin married!!! ^_^ Eric Kim sent me the invitation to hear the gossip =P

You are cordially invited to hear about the wedding (which you are doing now) between the

Mr. Eric Davis
Ms. Lisa Marie Brantley

They have proclaimed to love each other and that they "were meant for each other". I know this because they were talking of their future all night and I was listening to the hell they were talking about brewing up in this
world. Listening was hell in itself. The apparent marriage is supposed to take place tonight, August 4, 2001, after six pm after Davis gets off of work.

Heeey, why wasn't I invited to the wedding?? =( I always knew Lisa had it in for me!!!!!! >.<

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