Tuesday, August 07, 2001

For Vicky's sake, I'm gonna say *hugs* instead of embrace. That way, it doesn't seem as scandalous. =P

For Vicky:
Aznbrainmw: oh i was talking to vicky about it
Aznbrainmw: if you guys want, there's a chance we can go broomballing with local key clubs
Aznbrainmw: at night

I know I'm gonna forget, so I put it there.

My dad came along to play tennis today, which cut down the amount of work I had to do. My brother and I played against my dad. Why, you ask? Well! I used to really really really stink. Now I only reek. Geez, the only time I broke a sweat when I was sitting in the car =P Oh well, my brother and I will play some other time ^_^

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