Monday, August 06, 2001

Hmmm, short bursts of data, huh? I'm a lazier version of Vicky? =P I'm kinda looking forward to the get-together on the eighteenth; it should prove interesting. Now the only things that need to be determined are the people going, the place we're meeting, and the exact time we're meeting. ^_^ Of course, those are the frivolous and unimportant details.

I played tennis with Andrew today. I exerted little to no effort, so Andrew won with little to no effort. I accredited my horrendous playing to my laziness (due to the heat). I was thinking in my head about a certain someone who plays tennis, a person with whom I'm not interested any more. I think that person was kinda the reason why I started liking tennis, and began trying to play tennis. I'm afraid I've lost my interest in tennis, which would kinda be a shame. My brother is durn good, and I should try to help him .... On top of that, I was gonna try out for the tennis team, but that seems to expensive. Another reason why I "lost" my interest in tennis. Neh, I'm a whiner. =) Hey, at least my friends are interested in basketball =P I'm not so bad at that if I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY try ^_^ I hear Beverly is pretty good at basketball =D We said we're gonna go play each other sometime. Of course, she's gonna win, since she almost made the basketball team and everything...but oh well! It'll be fun playing. I hope. =P

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