Monday, August 06, 2001

Yay, I think I'm actually over that one dude I used to like. =) Yippeeee!!!!!! Alright, I'm done celebrating now ^_^ Geez, finally, it's been a freakin year. I didn't know I was slow in all aspects of my life. Ewwww, this is easier said than done, but IT'S DONE!!! (hopefully =P)

Oh, Eric and Lisa aren't getting married. =( Nuts! I was looking forward to the armegeddon wedding, retarded children, and everything else that went along with the fun fun marriage!

Hey, isn't George Oldroyd's description of a fugue's subject and countersubject neat? "The two must belong to each other." Pffff, that cleared up my conception of a fugue quite nicely. I was trying to bring up a certain part of a voice much louder than the other two voices in my three-voice fugue, when I should have been playing them in conjunction. Hey, now the piece sounds a heck of a lot better! =)

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