Sunday, September 02, 2001

Ugh, today my dad locked us out of the house -_- It was either break a window or climb to the roof. Soooooo, I had to climb up the ladder and disassemble the screen on the flimsy tin portion of the roof in order to get into the house (there was only one window partially open). Andrew plum didn't wanna do it, and my dad was afraid he would fall through (besides, I didn't wanna break a window.) Too bad the window was 5 feet above the tin roof, and i ended up bruising myself on the edge of the metal screen frame while trying to launch myself through the window. Oh well =P It was fun! ^_^ I enjoyed myself immensely. Hehehe =D I was in pain afterwards, but no biggie =) I just wish my dad hadn't thrown a knife at me while I was prying open the screen ( so what if it landed nowhere near me? I was FREAKED!)

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