Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Eaghhhhhhhhhh, too much work to dooo before school starts. I have nothing much to say except 1) I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk to Vicky before she started her quasi-eternal sign off (well, it seems like eternity!) and 2) I'm gonna respond to Vicky's blog! ^_^

I'm really not so cheerful as people's just a mask to hide my depression and/or boring personality =) Of course, sometimes I'm just plain happy =P Happy-happy! Like love-love desu! Anyway, I tend to be more cheerful when I'm around people, especially after I figured out that no-one likes a dull self-absorbed whiner. Plus, a friend of mine kinda overreacted when I was insulting myself, forcing me to drop my super-mild masochistic mannerisms. My other blog/ diaries are REAAAAALLY depressing ( and kinda funny =P ). Besides, my schoolmates have to constantly put up with my "I'M TIIIIIIIIIRED" and "I WANT SLEEEEEP" cries, so I try and be cheerful to make up for it. ^_^ Vicky, are you sure I'm cheerful and not silly? =P There are enough good things in my life to keep me happyyyyyyyyyy (Lisa, your jokes about the queen of the ceiling spiders are not included =P ), and I tend to keep my nervous breakdowns in the corner of my room, destroying some random object.

Vicky's blog is undeniably Vicky. It's all her super neat traits in writing =) It's positively dripping with Vicky's personality! =D Enough said!

Les Mis in October sounds fun. Can I come?

I'll blog about Las Vegas when I'm finished with my )$*#^$*#(@)^$*&#*@()@^ english homework =P (Is there an expletive that long?)

Oh yea, I realized my teacher wants me to pick new pieces cuz my current ones aren't difficult enough. >.< nuts!

Heeeeey, neat! On my blogpage, the scroll bar is green and orange! Neeeeeeaaaaato! I just noticed that the nickname Beverly gave me (Apple Core) fits the template perfectly =) Super neat!

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