Saturday, December 22, 2001

hahahahahaha, I had the funniest dream =P Courtney K was telling me about her date to formal: a guy from UCLA who's oh-so-cute ahh! We're waiting by the school planters so he can pick her up for a pre-formal date, and guess who's her date.... scott, the aqt coach! HAHAHAHA, it was sooo hilarious. Brendan was in scott's car for some reason, and he was trying really hard not to laugh. While Brendan and I were standing by Scott and Courtney, Scott was acting like a total doofus, pissing off Courtney. But after we left and hid behind some other planters, Scott turned on the charm and charmed the heck out of Courtney =P She was makin googly eyes, aww. Meanwhile, the AQT team was hiding behind various planters and laughing and laughing and hehe ^_^

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