Monday, December 10, 2001

Went holiday shopping this weekend, to be politically correct. Errrr, in May, when i bought my brother a birthday present, he was a little miffed I bought him a gift that I could use and wanted to use as well. So, when choosing between Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve for my brother, I chose Parasite Eve, although Chrono Cross is a better game in all aspects. Chrono Cross is only 3rd - 5th on my brother's awesome-games list, so I figured Parasite Eve was up on top somewhere. Unfortunately, I confused Parasite Eve with Valkyrie Profile or Vagrant Story or something, cuz it turns out he'd rather have Chrono Cross. Blargh, oh well, it's my fault for not listening carefully enough.

My weekend was fantabulistic! The details of the AQT scrimmage are in Linda's blog; she described them pretty completely. I'd insert something really stupid here if it weren't yucky and "unlike me". Aaah, what the heck, I'll say it anyway. Hmmm, but why was a strawberry-scented condom wrapped in green foil? The mysteries of life.

Hmmm, I'll blog about reunion later.

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