Thursday, December 06, 2001

I ate dinner at 3:30 AM, while my brother was eating breakfast =/ I still have lots of hw + MUN + piano work to do, so I'll blog later.

Maaya Sakamoto is a really talented singer. Actually, scratch that. She isn't talented; her voice is only slightly above plain. In that respect, she must have worked really freakin hard to become as popular as she is now, which is what I admire about her. Yes, Stephen will probably correct me and say that she really isn't that popular, and that I'm misinformed. Fine, fine. I just really admire her singing. I really dislike singers who have a beautiful voice *but* can't sing without a couple missed pitches or unintentional key changes. Maaya also has an awesome range, one that I could never attain in this life or the next. Hm, strange, there are a lot of French websites about her.

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