Monday, December 17, 2001

Bleh. I felt so frustrated with myself that I was about to allow myself a good cry while walking to my piano teacher's house. Unfortunately, I only teared up a 'lil bit. Geez, I extract more tears when I stub my toe. I used to be really maudlin about everything; I'd cry about something at least once a week.'s really hard for me to force myself to cry. I can't do it any more. I often vented all my anger through crying, but now I'm bottling everything up inside of me. I'm gonna burst one day, and Apezilla is gonna wreak havok on Tokyo (or Colin's house).

Anyway, I had a fun piano lesson. I sang/heard Christmas carols most of the time. Muy divertido. =)

Every time I read Kevin's blog, I want to cry. It hurts, it wrings my stomach; the worst part is, I don't know/can't do anything to help! Gaaaah, I hate feeling so utterly useless. Argh, best to both, dammit.

Oh yea, Mano got into UPenn, w00t w00t! =P Ahh, talk about a bittersweet day.

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