Sunday, October 28, 2001

This weekend was pretty neato =) On Friday, I saw my mom during one of her monthly visits. We went out and celebrated my birthday, yaay. She gave me a lot of nice crap for my birthday =) which made me feel special.

Saturday morning....MUN rummage sale and Ecology Club clean-up. Pfff, I still don't know what possessed MUN to have a rummage sale at 6:30 in the morning. Crazy. I was suprised; only a few people showed up for the ecology club clean-up. The second shift was fun, after I finally hopped that darn fence behind the baseball field. That made it all worthwhile =) Saturday evening I spent with Chris, Brendan, and Linda. Fun stuff; we should do that more often. The show was alright, but all I could think about during the show were the OCHSA shows. Now THOSE were great. I miss OCHSA. Like Samin said, Los Al was better with OCHSA around, especially with all the "interesting characters" we were able to meet.

I went bowling with Sarah today. She's changed. She admits she's not as flamboyant and hyper as she was a couple months ago, probably because she's become a techie (no, not trekkie). We tried DDR for the first time =P ....i don't wanna say anything else on that subject.

Took the fairy test =) Fairly interesting.

Gossamer Catdancer

A playful stalker of small animals.

Seen When
Only when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.

In spiderwebbed wonderlands and insect grottos.

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