Thursday, October 25, 2001

I don't blog often enough for Kevin, so I'll make this blog a slightly longer one.

My finger is suffering from slight edema, and i don't know why =(

Sarah came by on my birthday, carrying a crapload of gifts as she always does. When we finally got to talking, I realized how much she's changed over the years. When we were young, we used to play warriors in the trees, climbing around like monkeys. Now, she has a boyfriend, and all she talks about is making out with him. Granted, it's interesting conversation, but I miss the talks about random worlds we created or mystical magic never discovered. I still have my role-playing gear in my room; random sticks, spices, dried leaves, fake money, and jewelry we created. Now my life seems less, well, creative. I no longer make perfume from neighborhood flowers or draw crappy pictures to sell for nickels as I did in my childhood. I seem useless. My selling tactics have diminished with age, for who wants to buy bad pictures from a fifteen-year-old girl? We used to send a little boy around to sell random things for myself and my friends. =P Anyway, I'm glad Sarah came over; we've changed more than I'd like to think.

I really can't stand unearned praise >.< For example, if someone says I'm pretty (which, of course, no-one does), I become annoyed. It bugs me just as much as someone who is making fun of my brother. When people praise my piano skill, I become annoyed because I know I have no piano skill. Gaaaaah.

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