Saturday, March 09, 2002

Wheeee, Science Olympiad was absolutely wonderful! =) Fun stuff, even the studying. I could be induced to sell many of my best memories for a tremendous sum of money, but these...I don't want to let go of these. It's hard to believe SciOly killed Brendan's father and raped his mother (as Brendan so eloquently claimed truthfully). I have to admit, though, scibowl was awful. The idiot proctor cheated the A team and screwed the B team. How laaaaaame, he called time whenever he wanted to, even after just 3 questions. He didn't even know how to run a round robin. Bleh. Oh well, hope Los Al gets ta go to state.

Over the next two weeks, I'm lookin forward to Bevvy's party, Eco club tree-planting, and AQT tournament! Yippeeee!!! Unfortunately, I have to miss two hours of DBZ to go to the Eco club tree-planting... =( Not cool. Shoot, Trunks and Goten fighting at the world tournament is the best clip too... >.<

Videl can fly! Someone told me that Pan is the only female that has flying abilities. Yay Videl !

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