Monday, May 06, 2002

I hear witches inside my ears
Stirring poisons from the past,
Proclaiming false all of my tears:
"Only we shall evil cast!"

Bleakness holds me in a tremor,
Fearing all that I should do
- Never shall I do harm, never!
I steer only to the true! -

Something deep in rain it shatters
Minds and holds and freedoms through;
Reeling spirits, b'hold my weather:
Only false will do me true.

Witches in me are my pleasure,
Witches out are quickly in;
Stirring themselves in their cauldron,
Seeping in my brain, they end:

"Cry us not your bad and evil,
Pretend not to deeply sin;
Your blackest parts are to us steeple,
Evil lies in inaction."

Something in the rain, it shatters
Something in my mind, it cries;
Death is all we have that shivers
Deep inside our faithful lies.

- done by the crazy slick fizziks man

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