Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Yay, a little story. My grandma has a male cat back home in the Philippines. Yes. Wooow. Anyway, one day, the cat came home with a little kitty, the runt of its litter, in its mouth, stolen from who knows where... my grandma and her help thought that her cat would eat the little kitty, so they let him carry the tiny babe to the corner of their back yard and do whatever it was he intended to do. It turns out that my grandma's cat started caring for the newborn (whose eyes were still wet, by the way), keeping it warm, protecting it, even letting it ....um.... there's no way i can put this delicately, so... suck on his nipple. Currently, both kitties are living happily, if not strangely, keeping each other company.

Sorry, I'm a horrible story teller.

I hate when I hear music in my head right before I fall asleep and i have neither the talent nor drive to write it down. ( Sami, that was dun =P Something else was dun too... eh, oh well, i don't remember what it is. )

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