Wednesday, April 28, 2010 is pretty awesome. They offer lesser-known businesses the opportunity to sell their merchandise at a highly discounted price (up to 70% off) on . Why is that an opportunity? This way, lesser-known companies get AWESOME exposure AND consumers can try new products for much MUCH cheaper than they normally would, all guilt-free! Even better, jasmere picks only high-quality retailers. Example: REUSE jeans - jeans that are 80% made from jean SCRAPS from CHINA! Talk about environmentally friendly! Or Amella... I didn't believe in gourmet caramels until I tried them! I have LOVED everything I bought from jasmere... I wish I bought more of some things!

That said, jasmere needs help ASAP:
"Help us get on Martha Stewart's show and you could win $150 in jasmere credit. All it takes is a quick email to ("bcc" to If we get invited on, *everyone* who participated this effort will get $25 in jasmere credit. Click for details: . Drawing tomr night at 10pm Eastern, so don't delay! Let's show Martha the power of jasmere's community. Woo hoo!"

If you haven't signed up for jasmere yet, please please PLEASE use my referral link:

Let's all get $25 jasmere credit!!!!!!!!!!!!

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