Monday, June 28, 2010

Food Diary: These might be a bit sketchy as I don't remember everything I ate over the weekend.

Monday, 06/28/2010
Breakfast: muesli + cereal
Crockpot lunch
m. chcolate lacey cookie
2 peach licorice
2 salt water taffies
a little bit of lemon poppy seed scone
2 steeps of green tea

Sunday, 06/27/2010
Breakfast: eggs, bread + goat cheese, asparagus
Lunch/dinner: mac & cheese
Two peach licorice
Two salt water taffy candies
Couple glasses of port wine

Saturday, 06/26/2010
Cereal + milk
d. chocolate lacey cookie + tea
Lunch: ribs + spinach paneer
White tea, 3 steeps
Dessert: Raspberry Cream Cheese croissant
Two peach licorice
Two salt water taffy candies
Dinner: a little leftover pasta + bread + cheese
One gin and tonic

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