Tuesday, January 08, 2002

A shadow plagues my heart, heavy as stone
Purpose unclear, origin unknown;
Sweet face and silent features,
All women are truely vile creatures.

- something from somewhere. it pretty much sums up what's running around in my mind, circling like a beheaded chicken

::sigh:: life sucks. I know I'm going to end up at a college where the people around me aren't of a high caliber of thought, considering the colleges to which I applied. The company will probably result in some lack in intellectual improvement, promising a dull and tedious life of mechanical work. Blegh, ah well, I probably need the time to mature.

The worst thing about going back to school is the lame comments about how ready and willing we should be to study for finals. "You're rested up, aren't you? Aren't you?" Yea, sure.

New Year's Resolution: Be less silly.

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