Monday, August 09, 2004

i decided to try writing something andrew-style. i'm not quite there yet. not even close. (andrew uses much more and much higher quality imagery... and randomness).

if it is ART

we are all trying to find depth
any depth
just some depth, anywhere
thus we create
because, if we're able to create well, we're deep, right?
create new rivulets of thought
new stimulations of emotion
or perhaps re-invent ideas already invented
understanding abstractions hardly understood

why depth?
so you know you're real
not just a fetus born from society's fetus
aren't we all fetuses?
then someone comes and pulls the emotions out
like the tides! it's gravitational, literally
and then i decide

why do i decide then
that I'M REAL?

is it that you make me feel deep?

'course. you've found a depth i never knew i had.

even when i was probing.
into me.
satisfying, yet never satisfied.

only imagined.
and in my imaginings, it wasn't the same.
silly life.

then it is SCIENCE.

to better understanding!

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