Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i want to live my life over and be a hunter! no, i haven't been watching too much anime =P i just mean... too many people and too "leisurely" a life, you know? agression has to go somewhere... lots of it, too... it's what i use to fuel most everything, school included. It's not a very stable fuel though; stupid happiness/serenity always comes in to interject. BUT! that's the way human society wanted to form itself (naturally), encouraging security and safety to be topmost priority along with a stable (but now much more than ample) food supply.

And if you can gorge yourself while you can, why wouldn't you? It's what animals do.

soo...i guess... it's not human error, that stupidity... serving ourselves past necesity, way beyond hedonistic desires, to the point of habit and dullness... it's just human error to ignore the amount of waste being created.

just . ha.

ANYWAY, where was i starting from? right! a hunter! and die at 14 from being clumsy or something. not running fast enough. i can see myself doing that. i think i would be much happier.

yes, i'm vague, and also too lazy to cut and paste this into my other blog.

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