Thursday, February 07, 2002

Something interesting... when we learn new things, we create new connections between neurons in our brain. According to my anatomy (biology) teacher, comedians are smart due to the fact that they are able to quickly call up connections between things that aren't normally related.

**warning? religious ...speak?
I know I'm a bit late, but my pastor said something that really hit home on Sunday. He said that God is not a magical formula for happiness, nor a cosmic gumball machine that takes prayers as payment. God fills his followers with blessedness, which is not to be confused with earthly happiness. That's why He says the meek, the destitute, the mourning, etc. etc. will be blessed.

Back in black. Is it possible that all my philosophical ramblings and reasonings are just excuses for my true thoughts? Am I denying my shallow thoughts to myself? Am I so conceited that I believe my thoughts aren't so vain, base, and vile as natural instinct? Yes, I think so.

I've circled into thinking I'm slightly above average; I used to think I was insignificant, then a "unique individual." My grades and my looks are slightly above average, and every musician who's heard me knows that my piano skills are only slightly above average. My writing? Maybe slightly above average, if not less. I'd like to think I'm a genius, almost as smart as any of ya'll reading this, but I know I'm only slightly above average; I'm nowhere near the high caliber of my friends.

It's off to dinner for me. Yummy seafood and spaghetti...yuuuuummmm. Tonight was/is most probably my last night online cuz my dad's going to be too happy about my only slightly above average gpa. ::sigh:: blog a bit more later, after dinner.

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