Saturday, February 09, 2002

why is it so often that things i expect to turn out well result horribly, and things i expect to result horribly turn out well? Is such life or am I just a horrible judge of situation? Ah well.

For every compliment I give, I hafta make at least 5 sarcastic meaningless jokes to make up for it, probably to save myself from embarassment. Hey, it works, although I unintentionally cheapen my compliments that way. sorry about that.

Mmmm, I wish I could speak my parents' tongue. I hate not being able to understand conversations in Tagalog; I'm a foreigner in my parents' homes. Unfortunately, I quit learning Tagalog when I was in kindergarten =( My mom had forgotten to tell me that Tagalog and English were two separate languages, so my kindergarten teacher became pissed with me. Ha, whoops. Really, it's a shame.

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