Friday, September 13, 2002

today i found out that my step-mom will be two months pregnant on September 30th.

wow. hummm.... i'm all mixed-feeling-ed.... having a new little brother/sister when i'm already 18... strange. I'd like the situation much better if my brother and I weren't possibly leaving in a couple years; I don't like the idea of being the big sister younger sibling never sees, hardly knows, and never is around. How can I be supportive if I'm not living in the same house (supportive in my idea of immediate family)? Although I doubt that I will be as close to my step-sibling as my brother (practically every day is a day of bonding), I'd like to be around for his/her childhood.

Sigh, blah, perhaps I'm being selfish. I want to be a part of too many peoples' lives. I don't know if I even have the capability to care for so many people; I wonder if there is a limit to the amount (quantity and intensity) of love a person can give. With myself, i wouldn't be surprised. With some others, i would be shocked. Hum. I suppose time would be one of the greater restrictions... there seems to be a limited amount of time I want to donate to people before wanting to be by myself.

I don't know. Maybe I'm jealous that my brother and i won't be my dad's little ones any more. Maybe I'm pre-assuming too much responsibility. If I worry over her/him as much as i worry over andrew, i'm going to worry myself to death, considering andrew doesn't do much to worry anyone and I'm still worry wart-ing. Andrew obviously takes better care of himself than i do of myself, but still... i can't help it...

I wonder how this child is going to grow up, virtually an only child (i mean, no peer consistantly around to relate to) and father already 54. I want to stay and help my parents out for the next 17 years, but, simultaneously, I'd love to be away. Crazy.

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