Saturday, December 04, 2010

So now that it's getting pretty winter-y, being December and all, I have become obsessed with past-the-knee skirts. OBSESSED. And, living in Colorado, it is unfathomable to me WHY, at this time of year, stores are still stocked with 98% minis! Like.... REALLY!! I feel like I've visited every online retailer I know, typed in "skirt" in the search, and find one past-the-knee skirt for every 49 miniskirts. Who is coveting a bland micromini at this time? I mean, I don't need 70 metallic over-the-knee skirts! Yes, I know, they're great with leggings/tights and heels or long socks and boots, and I'm not saying there aren't some amazing miniskirts out there right now, but I can't wear a mini every day! Sometimes it is just too cold to wear a mini - CRAZY, I know. AND I don't particularly like wearing a miniskirt+leggings to lab. It's weird. Also, I don't own tall boots right now.

In case it's not obvious, I'm having a RIDICULOUSLY hard time finding long skirts. Even if I manage to find one, it's not usually affordable - of the long skirts I'm coveting are wayyy way out of my price range. BUT OH WELL, I will just have to DROOL and wait for forever21 or something to get a clue (isn't it cold in Korea?!). Here is my current covet list:
Rag and Bone Edith skirt, currently ~$350 on shopbop. Image credit:

I've shown these two skirts before, as I'm coveting them from ASOS. Carin Wester Crepe Maxi Skirt With Split (left), $179.30; Richmond X Hammered Silk Maxi Skirt (right), $413.76. Image credit:

I'm a little picky about my long skirts - I don't like to feel like I'm constricted (I still want to be able to kick people in the face... or at least the crotch area) nor do I want a million miles of tulle/gauze/mesh on top NOR do I want it to be sheer. I managed to find one at Forever21 that I liked:

although I have to get it hemmed. Damn my being short. Or that clothes are made for tall people. Whatever.

I'm surprised that Free People and Banana Republic/Gap have totally failed me in the long skirt category. I figured they'd have my back on this! Free People does have a couple long skirts, but they be ugly/have too much gauze. Urban Outfitters has several, but many of them do this puff thing from the waist that I find to be unflattering for my figure:
close but I'm not liking the puff at the waist.
But maybe this skirt would suit ladies of other figures.

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