Friday, December 10, 2010

So this is a continuation of a previous post on my want for long skirts for the winter.

So Jones New York totally has my back on this, so I'll post a sampling (yes, sampling) of my favorite long skirts from them. They are still out my price range (helloooo, grad student!), but they're allllllllllmost affordable for destitute me!

Images from

Left, top: At the knee but I love this belted pencil skirt, $99; Right, top: Gorgeous, flowy long gored skirt, $76.99; Left, bottom: I guess I must really love these long center seamed skirts, $95.99; Right, bottom: a bit short for a long skirt but definitely a must-have classic - navy pencil skirt, $99. Images from

Also, I tried this skirt on in person:
and, unfortunately, it didn't work. While the print is beautiful, it's a mite old lady, and the shape feels too 1950s. It also feels like there is too much material in the skirt. OH WELL. I don't recommend this one. The one good thing - it feels well made and high quality.

Along with JNY, MANGO has some **FrEsH** new options for long skirts. However, their website is a pain in the a** to navigate. Just sayin'. Here are my faves:
pocketed skirt, $99.90; button-front skirt, $79.90 - this tie belt is genius, I'm going to start using ties as belts. Images from

And that concludes my journey through skirt insanity!

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